Close your eyes
Tell me what you see
There are no one and no way
But the slaves without any choice
Only work for the life
Tears cover the land as the rain
In the depth again with nothing to gain
The sun is so hot
And the blood called the pain
Only run to survive

The power defeated them and their
The soldier of devil put the blast on a slave
Wonder if they will ever see the sunrise
They hope that this is just an imagination
But the rain falls to the land of promise all the
They feel pain as they're creeping behind

And my Lord save us
To take away the deep and dark sigh

Tired of justice selling out souls
The glory was buried deep in the hole
But the salvation will cameback over there
At last everything is over
They won't give up the fight
And they will find the light of the right
The disgrace will disappear
And they will come out of fear