Oepuis Tu A Partir
Je Ne Peux Pas Vivre Sont Toi
Je Pense A Toi Chac Jour Est Tu La Nuit
Je Vous Devir Tu Ma Veux Tu Ma Monque Et Mon Amour

혼자있어도 난 슬프지 않아
그대와의 추억이 있으니
하지만 깊은 허전함은 추억이 채울수 없는걸

*언젠간 나 없이도 살아갈 수 있을 꺼야
차가운 그대 이별의 말에
할말은 눈물뿐이라서 바라볼 수 없던 나의 그대
하루하루 지나가면 익숙해질까
눈을 감아야만 그댈 볼 수 있다는 것에
더 이상 그대에 기쁨이 될 수 없음에
나는 또 슬퍼하게 될꺼야

**하루하루 지나가면 잊을 수 있을까
그대에 모습과 사랑했던 기억들을
끝내 이룰 수 없었던 약속들을
나는 또 슬퍼하고 말꺼야


Oawn Lalls To Dusk And Agian
I Find Mysell Needin Whut Was
Souls Of The Late Same Enchained
Baby I'm To Blame..Brought Upon
Rain Of Cursing Pain That Shadows Upon Us
In Thisvein & That It I Couldobtain But
The The Pride Can Never Admit To Shame
Yet I, Deny Can't Seem To Lay
What We Had To Die And Not A Day
Passesme By Cried,
Till Waterfalls Dissipate To Dry,
Flow I Repent And Reminice On
Everything You Meant
Alone At Destinies End
A Path That I Can Never Chance Again
Je T'aime
Can't Help But Wonder Why I Gotta Feel This Pain
Inside Why Do I Linger On To Thoughts
Of Your Love When We're Ova,
When The Mights Get Colder And The Days
Start To Grow Slower Redeline The Love
That We Shared When We Used To Betogether
And I Don't Know When
I'll Never Get To See You Smile Again
When Will I Win Can't Survive Alone
In This World Of Sin
Won't Give In Won't Let It End Mend
This Broken Heart Ache You Started
Tell Me That They'll Be No Partin
Bring Me Back That Love You