Hey hey yeah .... I'm singing....don't go away...

Some stayed by my side
Some left me behind
I think about it often cause people change (yeah)
Many times I cried..and God knows I did try
and when I open my eyes it's still the same

* I wanna know oh why, why I feel so incomplete
and it hurts so bad inside I feel loney
I wanna know oh why, everybody's close to me
although their love is miles away

** I need somebody... That's feeling up down to my feet
cause I'll reach out my hands to you so don't you run away....
I need somebody...someone to make my life complete
If you come my way....

* Repeat
** Repeat

We all got the same emotions
We all go through the aches and pains
Oh why am I the one feels that somethings got to change
won't this pain just go away....

** Repeat
If you come my way....
If you come my way....